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10-May-2020 16:52

Learn More A CURT 5th wheel hitch equips your pickup truck with a powerful coupler for towing the largest of travel trailers, campers and flatbed trailers.

Choosing the best 5th wheel hitch for your truck requires careful thought. The length of the truck bed determines how much space or clearance your truck and trailer will have when hitched up.

Choose a CURT original Double Lock or Double Lock EZr™ gooseneck hitches that is compatible with our X5 adapters.

CURT offers three distinct series of 5th wheel hitches: the articulating A-series, the quiet Q-series and the economical E-series.

A CURT 5th wheel hitch is your ticket to freedom, giving you stability, power and confidence for the road ahead.

We carry a variety of 5th wheel hitches and mounting options to perfectly suit your truck and trailer, including OEM puck system products.

A long-bed pickup truck generally provides more clearance, while a short-bed truck provides less clearance.

This, in turn, determines which type of mounting platform your 5th wheel hitch will require: legs or a roller.5th wheel legs are the standard method for mounting a 5th wheel hitch in the bed of a pickup truck.

Select a gooseneck hitch kit that fits your truck, including the hitch and brackets.

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