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19-Nov-2020 12:22

Invest time reading God’s Word and ask Him to help you trust Him more in this area of your life. I’ve heard it said that online dating really helps narrow down the singles who are serious about marriage from the ones who aren’t. By going online, you will have many more potential options.

No longer are you just limited to the tiny pool of people you personally know, but you now have access to people all over the country and sometimes even the world.

At the end of that article, I asked singles to tell me why. As I read through and interacted with the comments, 5 big-picture themes emerged as to why #The Dating Scene is on snooze for most single Christians: I believe it’s important to have our standards of character, integrity, and morals when it comes to a dating relationship – but could it be that in the name of “not settling” we’ve confused our PREFERENCES for our NEEDS?

The comments rolled in, and some fantastic conversation came of it.

Let me start by sharing my personal online dating “status” with you. I want to trust wholeheartedly that God will guide me in the direction He wants me to go through His Word and the wise people around me.

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As a twenty-nine-year-old unmarried Christian woman, I’ve done my fair share of reading, praying, and thinking through how to best honor God in the area of romantic relationships.

If you’re at that point in life, here’s an article I wrote with some basic how-to’s of asking someone out on a date.