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16-Aug-2020 07:16

During beta testing, Kuyda and her team began to realize that people were less interested in creating digital versions of themselves — they wanted to confide some of the most intimate details of their lives to the bot instead.

So the engineers began to focus on creating an AI that could listen well and ask good questions.

In 2014, a chatbot named Eugene became the first to pass a simple Turing test, an evaluation of a robot’s ability to convince a human judge that it is human.

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Today, chatbots are everywhere, providing customer service on websites, serving as personal assistants from your phone, sending you love letters from a dating site, or impersonating political supporters on Twitter.

If a user is clearly down or distressed, Replika is programmed to recommend relaxation exercises.

If a user turns toward suicidal thinking, as defined by key words and phrases, Replika directs them to professionals at crisis hotlines with a link or a phone number.

For instance, a professor at Georgia Tech recently built himself a chatbot teaching assistant, named Jill Watson.

The bot answered questions in a student forum for his online class on AI, and many students were convinced she was human.

Even though conversations with ELIZA often took bizarre turns, and even when those conversing with ELIZA knew she was not human, many people developed emotional attachments to the chatbot — a development that shocked Weizenbaum.