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25-Jan-2020 16:38

Thank goodness for Wireshark :) Had this problem in Linux, and I found that the user doesn't have permission to update the eclipse directory change the owner of eclipse folder recursively, or run eclipse with user who has write permission to the folder What worked for me: Since yesterday, I have been trying to install the Eclipse plugin - "Remote System Explorer" from the Eclipse marketplace on a freshly downloaded Eclipse 4.8 as shown below, and everytime I was getting this error: Unable to read repository at failed to respond which brought me to this SO post.

I tried a few solutions mentioned here in the different answers like this one and this one and this one, but none of them worked.

I spent whole my day figuring out this and found the following. This is basically an issue with your gateway or proxy, If you are under proxy network, Please go to the network settings and set the proxy server settings(server, port , user name and password).

If you are under direct gateway network, your firewall may be blocking the http get request from your eclipse. If You are using url - on your eclipse luna(v4.4) then it might be not working in this case you should use - I have tried this and its working. I had no proxy to worry about and even disabling the firewall (which I do not recommended) as a last resort did not help.

As suggested in a comment below by @lostiniceland, this is a simpler way to achieve the above: Check if you are able to connect to eclipse market place url ( from browser.

If its working then the issue is because of proxy server using in your network.

We have to update eclipse with proxy server details used in our network.

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Many people find these all-in-one packages the easiest way to get started.The location that I was attempting to install from the 'Marketplace' was getting inserted with an This is the correct URL.Chances are Eclipse cannot read it properly because of the Internet connexion. If this is the case you need to notify Eclipse via the "Preferences/General/Network Connections" menu. The message you report is normal when you look at it in a browser. If yours does, I suspect a proxy configuration error in your copy of eclipse.Specifies the settings profile to be used when opening connections.

Choosing the Direct provider causes all the connections to be opened without the use of a proxy server.I was trying to add the PDT, Indigo - Unable to read repository at There is also a collection of handy, downloadable all-in-one zip files available for many interests and platforms.