Cats dating video

19-Oct-2019 18:43

This commonality means that cat videos do not face some of the barriers that other cultural content does, and may therefore transfer more easily across geographic borders.Watching cat behaviour may be beneficial to our subjective wellbeing: a recent study shows that viewing cat videos boosts energy and positive emotions, while reducing anxiety.An answer may be found in the Alchian–Allen theorem.[3] This extension to traditional demand theory states that if an additional fixed cost, or ‘per item’ tax, is added to two substitutable goods, there will be a shift in the balance of consumption to the good that is of higher quality, as it becomes relatively cheaper.The theorem was originally used to help understand why cities that produced lots of a particular good, such as apples in Seattle, appear to have lower-quality apples than somewhere that imports apples, such as New York.[4] The answer lies in transport costs.

It is now possible for anyone with a suitably expressive cat, a smartphone and a computer to produce a short video to test whether their cat is worthy of Internet fame.

However, the lower cost of production and distribution, as well as search and automated recommendations, now mean that previously unviable markets such as this may be able to thrive.

These technologies are not just being harnessed in order to match makers of cat videos with their viewers.

In addition, many content creators monetise their efforts through related merchandising and book sales.

Two technology-related developments have enabled this somewhat unlikely market to exist.

Videos of cats doing funny things or aping human characteristics have become a defining feature of the Internet and a daily item in many people’s digital feeds.

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