Child custody nc dating

27-Jun-2020 18:09

You may be required to attend mediation sessions or submit to an investigative process with county personnel.After listening to a county social worker’s report about each of your parenting abilities and home situations, the local family court judge will have great discretion to make child custody and visitation decisions.

Given his lack of participation in your son’s life up until this point, he would have to prove that you are an unfit mother in order to win child custody.

If a parent relocates with a child due to a domestic violence situation, the parent's absence will not be held against him/her in a child custody proceeding.

According to North Carolina child custody laws, if a military parent has sole or joint custody of a child and receives deployment papers that involve moving a substantial distance from the parent's home, a North Carolina family court will issue a temporary custody order of the child during the parent's absence, which shall end no later than 10 days following the parent's return.

In other situations it will require counseling, therapy, or mediation.

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No matter how scary or messy breaking up can sometimes be, as long as you are each determined to avoid a contested court battle and willing to put your egos aside in an effort to work together in the best interests of your child, you should be able to work out even the toughest parenting issues.First, remember that the courts may not share your opinions about the impact of same-sex relationships on children.

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