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The groom would lead a procession, accompanied by a child (to symbolize future sons).Attendants with lanterns, as well as banners, musicians, and a dancing lion would follow.// login page tracking function PDLog Track Ajax Header(target Url=''){ var common Flag = 1; var login Flag = 1; var email Val = $("input[name=id Email]").val(); var pass Val = $('#password Clear1').val(); var loginfo = ''; if(target Url!Chinese" data-blog-content="false" data-content-tags="["e3ff7bbd-251d-473b-9e26-967d9e0f3a6a", "2bbbb9eb-bab8-4143-b561-97f1b90aedf7", "affb86c4-512f-46de-b274-44dd46177720"]" data-singular-terms="["Wedding Etiquette","Wedding Tradition","Chinese"]" data-content-hub-id="" data-content-strategy-type="editorial" data-content-series="" data-article-num="1" data-og-title="Ancient Chinese Wedding Traditions" data-og-type="article" data-og-image="https:// data-og-description="A look at the cultural customs that shaped today's celebrations." data-og-url="https:// data-canonical-url="https:// data-amphtml-url="https:// your wedding day lineup look like?Arriving at the Groom's House As the couple made their way back to the groom's house, firecrackers would be set off just before the procession arrived.A red mat would be placed before the sedan chair for the bride so that her feet wouldn't have to touch the bare earth.This was considered the formal introduction of the families.

People usually notice my big smile and that I'm very..The entire household would be waiting to receive her.The bride would be required to step over a saddle or a lit stove to cross the threshold -- the fire was thought to cast out evil influences.Here, we give you the basics behind ancient wedding day customs, from bridesmaid games to the wedding banquet.

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Obtaining the Bride In Chinese culture, it was customary for firecrackers, loud gongs, and drums to mark the start of the procession (and fend off evil spirits) from the groom's home to the bride's house.

Some brides may opt for a fourth Chinese wedding dress to be worn as when greeting guests as they leave the wedding party. While some grooms may opt for a traditional Zhongshan suit or Mao suit, it is more likely to see older guests wearing a Mao suit.