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20-Aug-2020 06:07

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worked hard to build the business, and in 2008 they opened their second store.

The business flourished from here, and the enterprising father and son pair moved quickly to exploit new business opportunities.

Unsure of the best way to tackle such a large undertaking, they turned to New Media Retailer.

Website and Social Media Requirements According to Phillip Mc Keon, BX3’s Vice President, “We had no accountability in our marketing/advertising department.

The posts explained the need for the transition and assured customers that the changes would do nothing but improve their experience.

At the same time, a series of posts were created to welcome transfer customers to the new main page.

New Media Retailer searched diligently for backdoors into the account and utilized numerous tactics to merge the two accounts into one, but it quickly became clear that this strategy wasn’t viable.

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New Media Retailer also assigned BX3 a dedicated Marketing Specialist tasked with making monthly updates to the site based on feedback from the client and their customers.

These posts were designed to give them an idea of the sort of content they could expect going forward.