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01-Oct-2019 21:00

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I think it may have been in April/May this year that I really realised the brutality of this career.

I think it was also the time that T really realised how brutal this job was...wasn't just a job..was a dedication...a now. I don't know how T does it...pulled nights and nights running on 3 hours of sleep and 20 hour days....

T was on a transaction with some really difficult clients..when I mean difficult, I mean he was getting calls at 2am from them getting yelled at for mistakes he had made in his model....after what? I barely saw T at this time..I was lucky maybe for an hour during the week on a friday night for dinner..he had to back into work of course...

T was stressed, stress eating, tired, exhausted, frazzled....

For example, I find the Email from a guy with a long-term boyfriend.

In that case, the reader who sent me the email had also been having much less sex with his boyfriend, but then he suddenly found out that his boyfriend had been having lots of sex with other men.

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T decided he would spend a bit of time with me and get a bite to eat so we had some froyo ..was looking a lot cheerier now....

In any relationship, it's quite common for one person to be more dominant than the other, and there's nothing wrong with that.