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Instead, you often take them for granted and waste them on negative, unproductive thoughts. She will discuss how to be present in all the moments of your life and why it’s important to stop the day’s busy-ness and allow for interludes of present moment awareness. online users have met or know someone who has met a romantic partner on a dating website or app. Terri talks to Erika Ettin founder of A Little Nudge, a consulting company that helps people navigate the world of online dating, from first click to first date.Online dating is no longer seen as a last attempt for the desperate and lonely to find their soul mate. Erika shares strategies and pointers for your online dating pictures, profile, messages, and more - so that you can get more attention and more dates.Do you want more excitement, joy and happiness in your relationships? Seize the moment to make your relationships be the best they can be.

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Studies show that children who experience parental conflict and parental alienation in childhood can experience later life behavioral and psychological distress. Jane and Margaret will discuss the havoc that family conflict and parental alienation can have on children's and parent's well-being. Troubling memories are often storehouses of pain and hurt. Carla Marie Manly, clinical psychologist and author of the new book, "Joy from Fear: Create the Life of Your Dreams by Making Fear Your Friend." Dr.

Seated deep within our minds, they can seem impossible to dislodge. Manly shares strategies to safely face your fearful memories, learn from them, and successfully break free.

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