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I often wonder what sort of dwelling it was, and whether the July heat was not pretty hard on my poor A FLAT DUTCH TURNIP 3 mother. I guess a habit of mind has grown up which I shall never break off ; the moment I begin sowing turnips I think of my mother bringing forth her only child in the heat of dog-days, and of the sweat of suffering on her forehead as she listened to my first cry.

She is more familiar to me, and really dearer in this imaginary scene than in almost any real memory I have of her. My first memory of my mother is of a time when we lived in a little town the name and location of which I forget; but it was by a great river which must have been the Hudson I guess.

I have been bothered up to now by feeling that I have not been making INTRODUCTION much progress ; but now there will be no need for me to skip anything. This nickname is gall I 2 VANDEMARK S FOLLY and wormwood to Gertrude, but I can t quite hold with her whims on the subject of names.

I begin, just as that canvassing rascal said, a long way from Vandemark Township, and many years ago in point of time ; but I am afloat with my prow toward the setting sun on that wonderful ribbon of water which led to the West. Nobody could live along the Erie Canal in those days without feeling the suck of the forests, and catching a breath now and then of the prairie winds. She spells the old surname van der Marck a little v and a little d with an r run in, the first two syllables written like separate words, and then the big M for Mark with a c before the k.

He tried to charge me two hundred seventy-five dollars for a steel engraving, and said I could keep the plate and have others made from it. Others would write about something else, and get their pictures in.

In that way this smooth scoundrel would make thousands of dollars out of people s vanity and he expected me to be one of INTRODUCTION them !

If I can put him in jail I ll do it or I would if it were not for posting myself as a fool.

"Look here," I said, after he had told me what a splendid thing it would be to have my picture in the book so future generations could see what a big man I was. " I shouted ; but she sat down with it and began reading. When I came back, she had pasted the pages together, and was still reading them. "You, I mean, of course," she replied ; "but, if you really want me to do it, I will type it for you, and maybe do a little editing.

The neighbors would never understand it, anyhow ; and would think I felt above them. QUICK DOUBLE TROUBLE THE BROKEN LANCE ALADDIN & Co. VANDEMARK S FOLLY HERBERT QUICK With Illustrations ip N. CONTENTS CHAPTER PAGE I A Flat Dutch Turnip Begins Its Career I II I Learn and Do Some Teaching 12 III I See the World, and Suffer a Great Loss 28 IV I Become a Sailor, and Find a Clue 45 V The End of a Long Quest 68 VI I Become Cow Vandemark 90 VII Adventure on the Old Ridge Road 114 VIII My Load Receives an Embarrassing Addition 136 IX The Grove of Destiny 162 X The Grove of Destiny Does Its Work 181 XI In Defense of the Proprieties 197 XII Hell Slew, Alias Vandemark s Folly 211 XIII The Plow Weds the Sod 228 XIV I Become a Bandit and a Terror 243 XV I Save a Treasure, and Start a Feud 263 XVI The Fewkeses in Clover at Blue-grass Manor 296 XVII I Receive a Proposal and Accept 322 XVIII Rowena s Way Out The Prairie Fire 345 XIX Gowdy Acknowledges His Son 369 XX Just as Grandma Thorndyke Expected 394 VANDEMARK S FOLLY INTRODUCTION The work of writing the history cf this township I mean Vandemark Township, Monterey County, State of Iowa has been turned over to me.VIRGINIA OF THE AIR LANES YELLOWSTONE NIGHTS ON BOARD THE GOOD SHIP EARTH THE BROWN MOUSE THE FAIRVIEW IDEA FROM WAR TO PEACE "I must think! C WYETH INDIANAPOLIS THE BOBBS-MERRILL COMPANY PUBLISHERS JQ2i, 1922 THE CURTIS PUBLISHING COMPANY COPYRIGHT 1922 HERBERT QUICK Printed in the United States of America PRESS OF DRAUNWORTH & CO. I have been asked to do this I guess because I was the first settler in the township ; it was named after me ; I live on my own farm the oldest farm operated by the original settler in this part of the country ; I know the history of these thirty-six square miles of land and also of the wonderful swarming of peoples which made the prairies over; and the agent of the Excelsior County History Company of Chicago, having heard of me as an authority on local history, has asked me to write this part of their new History of Mon terey County for which they are now canvassing for sub scribers.Two or three times he whipped me, but no more severely than was the custom among parents.

Other little boys were whipped just as hard, and still were not afraid of their fathers.Of course, the publication of the book must be financed." "There s the door! He went out like a shot, and Gertrude, who was on the front porch, came flying in to see what he was run ning from. In fact I had put some scraps of paper in ; but there was no fire. She says that these county-history promoters are all slippery people, but that if I can finish the history as I have begun, it may be well worth while. And, anyhow, it is a shame for all your experiences to be lost to the world. Go on with it ; and if no publisher wants to print it now, we ll give the manuscript to the Public Library in Mon terey Centre, and maybe, long after both of us are dead and gone, some historian will find it and have it printed. "And you can spare the time as well as not," she answered.

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