Dating in bali

01-Apr-2020 15:11

Traditional Balinese women will most likely not drink or smoke, so if you do meet one I’d not ask her to meet up for a drink unless that drink is a milkshake.

These girls are much harder to find as they rarely visit tourist areas and for you to find them you’ll either need to live here long-term or use a dating site.

Dress sense matters a lot in Bali and Balinese girls are more likely to talk to you if you dress well. Dressing in beach wear girls in Bali will lump you in with the Aussies who drink too much and cause trouble.

As Indonesia is a Muslim country, Indian and Arabs do much better here than say Thailand where they aren’t favoured. Don’t be rude, don’t be too forward and don’t dress like a beach tourist.

My tip would be never to wear a vest and flip flops unless you’re on the beach.

Going to a bar, restaurant or club always dress in chino shorts and a t-shirt with trainers at the bare minimum.

Unlike other parts of Indo where it can be pretty hard to meet girls, that’s not the case with Balinese girls.

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Finding a Balinese girlfriend all depends on the type of guy you’re.They’ll often live far away from the tourist centres and have early curfews.Western Balinese girl – this a women who has been bought up listening to western style music, has perhaps travelled and follows all the same social media influencers as you.They are no different to girls anywhere else in the world, they come in many types including: Traditional Bali girl – this girl doesn’t go out too late at night, listens to her family and is overall a sweet girl.

Her English may not be the best and she may or may not be interested in dating western men.I’ve not spent too much time in Bali but I’ve spent long enough in Asia to know how it works.

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