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These were the questions that I had been most afraid of, going into the experiment. Another organic plus of the questions: I felt comfortable and was pleased that things weren’t turning overtly sexual right away.I learned a lot about Matthew — stuff that I don’t think I would’ve gleaned from his profile or on a first date.This was key because as I found out very quickly, it is super easy to feel self-conscious of your answer or worried you answered “incorrectly” after hearing another, much more eloquent response.There was one question where we had to describe what we valued in friendships and I was like, “Uh, sense of humor?If you’re meant to be, the questions might speed it up, but if you’re just not compatible, those differences will come out sooner rather than later.

He spoke often about his family, and I couldn’t relate.” and he had a very eloquent answer about the "goodness of people" and I absolutely wanted to stab myself in the thigh for going for the pothole-sized deep dive with my answer.There are also several points throughout each set where you have to compliment one another. I jumped to start the compliments first, hoping to establish a nice, platonic, “I respect your reasonable desire to find happiness in your work,”-type vibe.This isn’t to say I’m needy, but yeah, it’s because I’m needy.

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As much as I love drama, the thought of knowingly signing up for a bunch of unread text messages feels exhausting even to me.

, I thought to myself before the date as I stuffed my bra with an extra ankle sock (for lift, not volume, and it’s not cheating).