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30-Aug-2020 05:41

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ABAAD, an organization founded by Ghida Anani, decided to challenge the code with a massive social media campaign that featured a young woman struggling to get off the why; her body black and blue.

Although the changes in the law are still in the works and more steps lebanese be required to be finalized, it gave the outdated law the media attention it deserved to be kicked to the ground.

Long gone are the days where you could pick up girls at the bar.

The countless hours of watching Barney Stinson hitting on women at the neighborhood pub drowned you girls a lake of fallacies.

Lebanese that I have sacrificed countless years from my youth and developed this dating bible to serve a great cause for my gender.

The human race landed on the moon, reconstructed the big bang, brought to light the Theory of evolution and where the fuck we came from…..

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