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However, the most titillating would have to be the last scene in which a shirtless Damon throws a towel at Alaric (played by Matthew Davis) after Alaric tells him, "Clothes would be nice." We're not so sure about that!RELATED: Nina Dobrev Reunites with Candace Accola and More for a Vampire Diaries Wedding Dobrev made her very emotional exit at the end of the previous season, but it looks like the show will still be as steamy as ever.It was so relatable and on point to conversations I was having in my group of friends that it was just a great opportunity to kind of live in that world and highlight the comedy of that world of being a 20-something and single.Just the parallels between what the story was and stories that I was actually hearing in real life.

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Candice’s album did fairly well on Japanese charts, and she then appeared in ‘‘Hannah Montana & Miley Cyrus: Best of Both Worlds Concert’’.I also play a part as a creative producer in the second installment of the series and really got to be hands on and learned so much about a different side of the business, which I’ve grown to respect and love on a whole new way even returning to a series solely on the acting and creative side of it.