Dating someone with terminal cancer Live free chat jasmine java

09-Jan-2020 05:56

If you too fall ill, then all chances of a fulfilling relationship – no matter for how short a time – will come to nought.Act like responsible partners and have a mutual respect for each other’s well-being.If you must date someone who cannot get better, let it be for the interests and values that you share and the fact that you feel happy and fulfilled in each other’s company.Find out about his/her condition If you have just found that your partner is terminally ill and cannot think of leaving the relationship, then the most practical thing to do would be to find out all you can about his/her condition.Dating is usually about hoping to meet the right mate or at least being open to various romantic possibilities in life.

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Don’t start dating a terminally ill person out of pity for his/her condition.

Or be misled by the romantic notion that you will be helping a suffering person to enjoy a few more moments of love and happiness.

Know exactly what you are doing Being in a relationship with someone who is terminally ill is extremely exhausting.

Your partner will likely be in and out of hospitals and clinics, prone to bouts of depression and sometimes without warning, his/her condition may take a turn for the worse.

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