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SCIENTISTS DECLINE TO DEFEND THEMSELEVES FIRST DIRECT IMAGES OF EXTRASOLAR PLANETS PUBLISHED MARS LANDER SUCCUMBS TO WINTER ******The History Channel's 'UFO Hunters" episode covering the Kokomo 'Boom' incident airs locally this coming Wednesday, Novermber 12th at p.m. ******* HUBBLE BACK IN BUSINESS Hypersonic Triangular Aircraft Flying Fox TV News carried a report on this experimental hypersonic plane that just completed a successful test flight allegedly flying ten times the speed of sound or almost 10,000 mph.

It is quite likely that some recent triangular UFO sightings may be tracked to this aircraft.

Our electoral roll data dates from the early nineteen eighties all the way through to the current year.

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Our systems are used by professional investigators, solicitors, probate researchers and the general public.The 52-year-old Chaser appeared on Loose Women today to speak out about being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes and to represent plus-sized men as part of the ITV programme's Men's Body Stories campaign."Recently I've been diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes which, given the amount of sugar I've eaten over the years, I'm not gonna complain," he said."I've done the crime so now I'm doing the time."The Chase favourite, who is known as The Beast on the quiz show, kept an upbeat outlook on his news, however, insisting: "I take the positives out of it."Those who've got diabetes know there's actually several indicators," he continued.This will be the first of three episodes that highlight MUFON field investigations. (Tomsk Russia) SOUTHAMPTON TRIANGLES PERSIST (STORY PRINTED ABOVE) STEPHENVILLE, TX PHOTOS (STORY PRINTED ABOVE) CHRISTIAN THEOLOGIANS PREPARE FOR EXTRATERRESTRIAL LIFE UFO MAPS TRACKING UFO FLAPS THERE'S SOMETHING ODD IN COLORADO SKIES –– Security Camera Footage of an Alien Abduction?

The show will also air again on October 28 at 1AM EST and on November 3 at 12PM EST. Here they come New Russian Missle may be behind Norwegian lights Virgin Galactic to unveil commercial spaceship Large Hadron Collider Shatters Energy Record Big Bang machine achieves first particle collisions Large Hadron Collider Nearing Big Bang Experimentation Reader BLOG: Alien Life: Is Disclosure Upon Us? Stellar blast is record-breaker Despite partial disclosure, Europe's UFO files remain mostly under wraps Scientists discover massive ring around Saturn NASA to Crash Probe Into Moon to Find Water STRIKING VIDEO FOOTAGE OF UFOs OVER PHOENIX, AZ Mysterious ruins may help explain Mayan collapse Rocky Earth-like planet found outside our solar system A skull that rewrites the history of man Multitudes throng outside to view UFOs in skies above Peru, South America NASA says Kepler spacecraft proves it can find Earth-sized planets Triangle UFO hovers low over Indiana field - five helicopters give chase Crop Circle depicts solar eruptions hitting Earth on July 7 UFO FLAP AT O'HARE: EAST U. COAST SIGHTINGS RESULT IN FLOODS OF REPORTS IS INDIANA FIELD A UFO LANDING SITE?