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This is where accommodating resistance can play a large role.Accommodating resistance can actually increase the amount of time the bar acceleration occurs for.Depending on the percentage of 1 rep max, the bar may decelerate for different periods of time.For example, a heavier weight will have a longer acceleration phase than a lighter load.2) Is an accommodating overload at the top even applicable/useful to add for During a normal barbell movement (non-ballistic), the athlete accelerates the bar from the bottom position to the top.At the top position, the bar is no longer moving, which means the athlete had to decelerate the bar at some point.This is kind of true, you can probably un-rack twice as much weight as you can actually squat, so technically at the top position of a one rep max you are not working at 100%. 1) If you do use accommodating resistance, you are going to have to reduce the total bar weight (obviously cannot have your 1rm on the bar plus accommodating resistance), which in turn will jeopardize the amount of tension that is actually occurring at other regions in the movement, especially regions before the sticking point.No matter how you twist it, whether it is at the top of the movement or the bottom, you are going to be leaving some level of strength (maximal tension) on the table unless you have some sort of isokinetic device.

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Accommodating resistance is often praised for its ability to fit (somewhat fit) exercises to strength curve of a movement (1).

An elder should have still another item of character, that of accommodating others.

I have mentioned this point before and have called this character trait one that can be compared to glue; glue may be applied to a horizontal surface, a vertical body, a bump, a hole, or a corner. Whether an object is a bump or a hole, crooked or straight, level or slanted, it can be applied to it.

Only those elders who are thorough, diligent, stable, concerned for others’ affairs, and trying their best to accommodate others will be able to manage a church.

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Once we have such elders, we can thank and praise the Lord, for that church will surely have a bright future, and much spiritual blessing will be brought in.However, I have full assurance, and I can lay down my life to guarantee that if an elder is not a thorough, diligent, stable person, and is not concerned for others, neither accommodating others all the time, he will never function well as an elder.