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04-Sep-2020 05:14

But here’s the thing about dating in an emotionally healthy way- it’s important to make sure that your emotional relationship is growing proportionally to your level of commitment.Emily felt so connected to Brian, that when their relationship ended up not working out- she felt so confused, empty, and incredibly hurt.Some examples of too much sharing early in the relationship include: praying together, sharing your deepest testimonies, talking about the kids you’ll have together about your future marriage or children, or even having a one on one Bible study together. You are not that persons main provision of spiritual, emotional, and physical intimacy – that is Jesus’ job.Deep emotional intimacy should not be established in the early stages of your relationship.When my boyfriend and I broke up – he continued to talk to me like we were dating.At night he would text me and tell me I was pretty and awesome. I lovingly confronted him about it one day, and he claimed he was just being a nice guy. For myself, I had to take a break from the friendship.Not only do relationships need physical boundaries, they also need emotional and spiritual boundaries.

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He doesn’t need to know everything about your past on the first date.As your relationship grows in length, then it can begin to grow in depth. You don’t need to be in constant communication – especially early in the relationship. The later the time of night, the harder it may be to keep boundaries (even emotional and spiritual boundaries).

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