Ex boyfriend dating girl he cheated with

18-Feb-2020 17:47

But my brain kept focusing on that feeling just the same.They say your brain chews on it, but it’s more like picking at a scab, not thinking it’ll come off and then it does and your scrape is all gross and oozy again. I actually do know a little why your brain does this, and mine, and likely the brains of most everyone else, and I know there’s no magic pill I could create to cure it. Your ex betrayed you, and he did it when you were young and in love, and probably full of a lot of adolescent hormones like all teenagers are. Not only did he cheat on you, he went on to marry the other girl. Wondering about him and conjecturing about his behavior is a waste of our time. We graduated and went to separate colleges about two hours from each other. We have been together for six years, and we were married two months ago. I had been engaged before to a guy I met when we were in high school.

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He cheated multiple times and I took him back each time because I really believed that we were in love, and that breaking up with him would mean giving up and not fighting for our relationship. I think when people cheat and are forgiven, in their minds they think, 'Oh wow, I got away with it and they still love me and didn't dump me, I could probably do it again'.

They would always act super sorry and remorseful, but they always ended up cheating again.

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