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The answers to these questions sometimes seem to provide contradictory information. A) There is some inherent ambiguity in the realm of sexual identity and in identifying same-sex couples.There is also the possibility that a small number of respondents don't understand the questions.The survey was carried out by survey firm Knowledge Networks (now called Gf K).The survey respondents were recruited from an ongoing panel.Second, household survey that was the source of the ppt01 and ppt** variables may not have taken place at the same time as the Core Adult Profile which was the source of the household roster variables such as pphhcomp11_member2_relationship.

Q) What is the variable that identifies the partnered respondents?

Response to the main survey in 2009 from subjects, all of whom were already in the Knowledge Networks panel, was 71%. Note for SPSS and SAS users: we have replaced the portable versions of the SPSS and SAS files with the and .sas7bdat versions, respectively, to accommodate the long variable names in the dataset.

If we include the the prior initial Random Digit Dialing phone contact and agreement to join the Knowledge Networks panel (participation rate 32.6%), and the respondents’ completion of the initial demographic survey (56.8% completion), the composite overall response rate is a much lower .326*.568*.71= 13%. The Stanford research team does all their work in STATA, so if you find discrepancies between the SAS or SPSS versions of the dataset and the documentation, please let us know.

Wave I, the main survey, was fielded between February 21 and April 2, 2009. Wave 3 was fielded March 22, 2011 to August 29, 2011.

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Wave 4 was fielded between March and November of 2013.For further information on the calculation of response rates, and relevant citations, see the Note on Response Rates in the documentation. Thus far we have found that SPSS truncates value labels to 32 characters.

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