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The users' tasks can be solved at several resource centres, either simultaneously or consecutively, as well as on a cross-disciplinary basis at one centre.

The SPb U Research Park operates according to the principle of equal access.

1990 was the last year, when demonstrations were held in Red Square.

Since 1992, May Day is officially called "The Day of Spring and Labour", and remains a major holiday in present-day Russia.

In 2016 SPb U became the only Russian institution listed in the Nature Index 2016 Rising Stars, a prestigious scientific ranking (the Top 100 Institutions nomination).May Day was celebrated illegally in Russia until the February Revolution enabled the first legal celebration in 1917.It became an important official holiday of the Soviet Union, celebrated with elaborate popular parade in the centre of the major cities.Bulgarians stay out of the fields to avoid snakebites and build bonfires to scare the reptiles away.

Research development is a top priority of St Petersburg University mapping out its further growth.

Meanwhile, secret haters deliver maibaum wrapped in all-white streamers, the old-school equivalent of a “thumbs down.” In Italy, May Day is called Calendimaggio or cantar maggio.

Each experience teaches how to do better or shows what you should abstain from.… continue reading »

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