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18-Nov-2020 08:53

This is a 100% chance you will get scammed if you give out your password so don’t do it!Here are some safe ways to get a free membership in Animal Jam.It’s pretty hard to fill up your inventory now that you can keep so many things.Another one of the best benefits is the member daily spin.You can really get the most out of the game with a membership.

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Well the member daily spin is just like that except the prizes are diamonds and rare gifts!The more days in a row you log in, the more diamonds you’ll get.If you get really lucky you can win up to 6 diamonds just for signing in!We even do them here at Animal Jam World, hint hint.

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Now again I must stress that you never give out your password.If the person doing the giveaway is asking for your password then it is a scam! Ask Your Parents Another way to get a free Animal Jam membership is to ask your parents.