Hunger games dating quiz

27-Nov-2019 19:37

Glimmer was killed by tracker jackers that Katniss, who was originally informed of the nest by Rue, sent down on the Career Tributes by cutting off the branch that held it.Glimmer, Clove, Marvel, Cato, the District 4 girl (in the book), and Peeta were camping at the bottom of the tree where Katniss was hiding.Along with her district partner, Marvel, she was a member of the "Career pack" who banded together to hunt down the weaker competitors.She was indirectly killed by Katniss Everdeen, who dropped a nest of tracker jackers on the Career pack as they slept.This is a simulation of the The Hunger Games to test whether or not you could survive. I will take you all the way from the Reaping to Heaven. Search for quizzes in the box below, or browse the most popular quiz topics.

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She didn't get arrested because nobody could prove she had knowledge of the ring being a weapon, but her token was confiscated nonetheless. Being one of the Career Tributes, she had a good chance of survival and was ready to fight.