I wanna be a popstar dating sim cheats

26-Nov-2019 13:25

How to unlock: Will be unlocked after you have a game sell more than 1 million copies Grizzly Bearington Description: Left the woods looking for honey.

How to unlock: Will be unlocked after getting 1st Grand Prize.

Designer Unlocking Condition: Initially available Designers are very useful for the alpha phase of game development, when the graphics boost occurs.

They have a tendency to add graphics and creativity development points to the current game.

This can occur, regards of whether your employees have reached their maximum stat potential.As will be explained below, when employees of particular jobs and levels are trained in specific methods, new game types and genres will be unlocked.The stat increases outlined in the table below are for when the training is at it’s most effectiveness.Training methods play two important roles in the game.

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Firstly, they are the primary way in which to increase the stats of your employees, the other being leveling them up, which in turn results in better games being produced.Can only be hired using Hollywood Agent Job Types Coder Unlocking Condition: Initially available Coders are overall good staff and have an equal chance to add any type of development point to the current game.