Is austin mahone dating payton

21-Jan-2020 20:16

Upon first listen, many fans might have assumed it was about a breakup with a boy.

But the way Camila has been talking about the ballad in interviews has fans thinking it might not be about a boy at all. And they either love him or hate him — but they have heard of him. Mahone lives in San Antonia Texas and is a year-old singer and musician known for looking like Justin Bieber and recording cover songs on You Tube.

Heck, he’s even been know to run around shirtless just to tease his female fans.

This is the kind of interaction that defines social media.

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Bieber is a devout Christian like his mother, but his friend and manager, Scooter Braun, is Jewish.Those claims resurfaced in after the singer and actor were spotted talking closely at a club.At the time, Bloom was dating or is it just a friendly photo?She tours the world and has a huge fan following, but once she reaches home, she is expected to help her parents in running the home by doing household chores like cleaning, doing the dishes, and babysitting her younger siblings.

The multi-talented young woman is not only blessed with a golden voice, but also possesses good writing skills and can also play the guitar.Obviously keen to show the year-old Mmmm Yeah singer all the delights of her hometown, the stunning fitness model ensured that the loved-up couple enjoyed a romantic date Wearing her long raven locks look and pushed back off of her face, the fitness guru – who runs her own beach body regime workoutsbykatya – didn’t mind her hair getting soaked in the sea.