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29-Jun-2020 15:34

’ (I’m 38 years old, by the way; the learning never stops.Also, three cheers for good therapists.) The relationship I’m in now is so different: I feel loved for who I am, all of me, even the difficult parts.Some days, I feel that my boyfriend is the absolute one and I cannot possibly live without him. I feel there’s unnecessary pressure on couples to feel/find/determine this one moment of certainty that will define their relationship forever. People are so much deeper than that.” — Amy On loving yourself: “I met someone new and started training for a marathon in the same week.Training has made me feel super connected to my body in a new way and has helped with the confidence of getting to ‘be seen’ by someone new.After blurting that out, I immediately regretted it. But then he told me that he had bought that same game on a whim just two months earlier.On our second date (the very next day), we played it together on his front porch.” — Sasha “When I was starting to date after my divorce, I felt this horrible need to apologize for the ‘complications’ of my life. If I’m hiding who I am from the person I want to love me, who are they really loving, anyway?

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It has helped my self-esteem – whenever I was worried about something relating to my ex, I’d either have resolved it by the end of the run or be too exhausted to care!” — Loveyesok On romantic walks: “When my partner and I were still dating, we used to walk from one of our apartments to the other, across San Francisco.