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11-Jul-2020 15:24

It’s one of those tempers that, as I’ve gotten older, it rarely comes out but when it does its quite fierce and lethal. Kristin’s got a purple belt in karate or something. When I was 16, I had no work so there was this ad in the newspaper for becoming a clown. I love hiring really unique properties for the weekend.

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The guy took me in and showed me all kinds of magic tricks and revealed how they worked. See, I like to make a date an event, not an awkward dinner or movie night.

Kids can be very challenging; some of them appreciate the tricks, but some ask too many questions or are never satisfied. I actually trained in contemporary dance when I was doing my theatre and performing training. I also trained in physical theatre, which is sort of like this fierce, free, crazy movement type of theatre. Yeah, I trained in a lot of different performance types. I think that’s a big part of our relationship as well—being collaborative. Collaborating can be sexy because we have all these ideas and we’re bouncing them off of one another.

I found that a little stressful, so I went back to being a teenager and sleeping in.

The New York Post reports that their celebrity status was reportedly used by cult-leader Keith Raniere, 57, to attract members.

However, Kreuk denied that she ever recruited anyone, and said she got out before she saw anything "illegal or nefarious," she tweeted.

I used to always ask magicians how they did tricks and they never gave it up, so it was cool to be on the other side.

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