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It is then recorded in the deed records in the county where the spouses reside and the county where the property is located.

I have seen couples that have had a partition and exchange agreement that's remained in effect for five, ten, fifteen years, or a lifetime --- all the while they remained legally married.

But how can you protect your property rights while you and your spouse are separated?

The following discussion outlines one method of handling martial property issues during the period of separation. The only mechanism that Texas has for a legal separation is a divorce.

And this can present a dilemma for Texas couples that want to live apart without getting a divorce.

As far as custody, visitation, and support issues go, you and your husband can decide on a voluntary parenting plan.

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If you have a question about Texas laws, we suggest you first read through our list of frequently asked legal questions.

Use the Statutes by Date feature if you wish to see how a specific Texas statute read on any date between 2004 and the present.