Legend of zelda datingsim

08-Mar-2020 14:30

The Fourth Wall, an entity that exists to protect the characters from the viewer or the player, something that divides the real world from fiction.

In short, it's basically the screen or the camera, where the character looks directly at it and acknowledges that they're being viewed.

So if you have good back grounds / buttons / sounds and etc that is possible to use in the game just tell me I think that i will need it in future I advice you to look on Ivans Legend of Krystal AE (from G) - 1.02 ALPHA (ON HIATUS).

He try to updated this game, but as I said unfortunately he spend all his time on MIM game.

Do not worry I hope that there will be a lot of sex animations in the game - but for now the bigger problem is to combine all program parts of the game i want to use in future.

I made some algoritms for that purpose a long time ago - but newer test them together yet - so first i have to check it.

But i like some of your ideas ------- -------- --------In version v-1 - addet wolf model. Plan sex animation with the wolf in this 5 days In other words he wants Krystal not look at the camera but looks for example to left or right ? Matriks - i will try to add some elements of the story But unfortunatly have some problems with lizardmens King - he was not drawn so it will be some lizardmen that will be a little different from the others May be add new model of Lizardmen in future. If I dont just tell me --- --- ---Added new sex movie with wolf - but with out ending for now. Sorry if dialogs are a little stupid my english is bad !

But yeah, what we're seeing is called the 4Well, I propose this idea.

Also you can make that she can fell in love on some lizard warrior( you can make that she can choose what lizard she will love).

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