Lesbian cancer dating

15-Oct-2019 05:53

But do you all think being a lesbian here makes it a bit easier? Basically things got really serious for a couple of years, then it was like we came out of it not knowing where the other went.. Anyway, I came out of that feeling really damaged and unworthy.

I was terrified to date again, and went a year and a half without putting myself out there so to speak.

She is quite a bit younger than me.....for some reason is always the case not that i go looking for that.... But I am learning that age does not mean less acceptance....

I guess I was judging thinking that a younger beautiful woman would be less accepting, but just like my first intimate partner after BC I am finding I am wrong to assume that.

In my case, she stayed with me during it all, we bought a home together, then when I was pretty much out of the woods, she said goodbye.

But do have hope Teresa that your best days are not behind you, but ahead of you!

I think it is soooo touching, and a fast way to my heart for sure... I am currently at the beginning of a relationship with what will be my third run out of the gate since BC.

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angiehoops wrote: Just checking this out with my lesbian sisters out there..... I no longer had my breasts, but implants without the nipple.....still have not gotten that done.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20) She’s airy and flexible and fast on her feet.

She lives for her family and friends and digs genealogy. And there is no hiding how she feels, always leading with her heart above all else.

To all of you......are simply fantastic, beautiful women. xoxox Log in to post a reply Jul 1, 2010 AM sftfemme65 wrote: I think its amazing that you have been able to find such incredible women.

Its hard to be singe out there, at least I think so but your story gives me hope.

Trust me, I am not an arrogant person, it just feels so good to actually be attracting beautiful women!