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The program's popularity soared because it thread a path most feared and shied away by its other religious counterparts--that is, to expose unscrupulous and greedy pastors of other organized religion and their scams and grimy tactics to fool unsuspecting believers. Eli the title as one of the most critical and sensible of all religious leader-evangelist in our midst is the fact that he promises to answer any question asked, and tries to make his answers irrefutable through constant reference to passages in the Bible.

“Ang Dating Daan” first started in IBC 13 in the late '80s but was booted out because of religious politics, forcing Bro.

However, it turned out later on that there was not really a twist of fate but rather a manifestation of God's work of hand bringing him to his real destiny. Baptized in the congregation-Members of the Church of God in Christ Jesus, the Pillar and Ground of the Truth in the Philippines under the leadership of the late Nicolas Perez, on April 7,1964 at the age of 17, he was so zealous in his religion.

The Bible has been his constant companion since then, faithfully seeking, asking and finding all answers from the Holy Scripture.

And beyond technological mainstreaming, the Church now integrates the cordless Internet technology to touch the four corners of the globe, one of the key solution to spreading throughout the world the Christian gospel written in the bible and to send the message preached by the early Apostles and Prophets 2,000 years ago.

The wave of the future is unwavering and shall continue to expand, and sending the message unceasingly across the globe, to propagate the true Christian doctrines of Christ in the Bible, is now but a click away with the use of the Internet.

There are over 744 chapters all over the country, and 19 abroad.

The Church now have 26 television programs,16 of which are on cable TV, and seven radio programs.

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The Church's detractors followed it there and were able to take over the station, forcing once more Bro Eli’s group to transfer to another home in the late ‘90s, the UHF channel SBN 21.Such understanding of the Bible remains an enigma to every other preacher or minister or even TV evangelist who sees him as a rival as he speaks of their wrong-teachings. Ironically, the size of the Organization is capable in supporting ambitious activities such as the numerous orphanages and foundations it sustains, the educational institutions, the radio and television production of religious shows and other activities such as charity shows, concert, song recording etc.

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