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Since she doesn't know how or when that will happen, she spends most of her time wanting to be a reporter.

She gets her chance when the paper's publisher, Rigfort (GARRY MARSHALL), desiring to know what's going on with his own teenage kids, decides that Josie should return to high school as an undercover reporter and get him a newsworthy story. REILLY), isn't so sure she's right for the job, although her coworker and best friend Anita (MOLLY SHANNON) thinks she can do it.

Henry Roth is a man afraid of commitment up until he meets the beautiful Lucy. Chicago Sun Times copy editor Josie Gellar (25), who was desperate to graduate from perfectionist copy editor to reporter, gets her chance when the goody owner orders the editor to cover the high-school scene by undercover.

They hit it off and Henry think he's finally found the girl of his dreams, until he discovers she has short-term memory loss and forgets him the next day. But then she breaks the most important rule of all: she falls in love with the groom. Josie, who was a frustrated, ridiculed nerd, gets a popular make-over from her drop-out, naturally funny brother Rob Geller. But in Josie's case, it's sensitive bachelor teacher Sam Coulson, who enjoys sophisticated conversation.

While such thoughts are probably foreign to teens who haven't had the experience and/or time to develop such personal reflections, that's somewhat of the thrust behind "Never Been Kissed," the latest teen-based romantic comedy starring Drew Barrymore.

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The only standout is Leelee Sobieski ("Deep Impact," "A Soldier's Daughter Never Cries") who continues to look ever more like a young Helen Hunt with every subsequent film (and is a shoo-in for "Mad About You: The Early Years" should that ever be made).Similarly, they thus miss the chance for the film to play better to audiences long since graduated, as well as the potential for showing how high school life changed over the years (although they do briefly include a shot of some hallway metal detectors).