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14-Apr-2020 22:34

This translates to a greater ability to overlay information that produces potent business insights such as: The world of market research relies on these two vital information categories to gain effective insights.At Core Logic, we bring you both by providing the most comprehensive database coverage in the United States, Australia, New Zealand and United Kingdom.

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Where do you go when you need access to the most comprehensive, current and accurate real estate data available? Our property and homeowner data repository covers 99 percent of the U. More than 600,000 users access our homeowner and property database annually, including sales agents, appraisers, brokerages and multiple listing organization.In addition, advanced digital security protects against unauthorized access, use, disclosure, disruption or modification.Ongoing security procedures include security audits, regular system testing, rigorous staff training and continuously updated business-continuity planning.With mortgage data that covers the entire life cycle, we work with financial institutions of all types to get the information necessary to mitigate loan risks and build revenues.

From application through underwriting, securities issuance, investment and servicing, our data types include: An interesting thing happens when you combine raw data from different sources―new insights appear.

Geo AVM Cascade Suite The Geo AVM Cascade Suite derives its name from our geopreferencing sorting system that delivers impartial accuracy by analyzing each AVM’s historical performance by location to determine an optimal cascade. The productivity tools we offer not only make this goal realistic, they make for an enjoyable business day.

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