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Note: If your citations do not export properly into your End Note library using this Fast and Easy method, please refer to the instructions below for the Tried-and-True method.

Mac Users: When working with End Note on a Mac, you must use Mozilla Firefox as your browser to enable Direct Export (automatic downloads) of references from electronic databases (Pub Med, Web of Science, etc.) to your End Note library.

If Microsoft Outlook cannot download your RSS feed content because of a problem connecting to the server, here are some solutions that you can use to fix this problem.

If you can open the Microsoft Outlook progress window, you may see an error message – Task RSS Feeds reported error 0x80004005, 0x800C0008, 0x8004010F.

Here is the link to the National Library of Medicine’s page with a much more complete explanation of how Medline, Pubmed and Pub Med Central are different: you give up on searching Ovid Medline, here is why you may want to use it for certain searches.

All Medline articles have been indexed with assigned Me SH terms.

For example, HSLS moved its subscription for the journal, , from Ovid directly to the publisher to allow users to access the high-demand “Epub ahead of print” articles.Publishers also have the option of submitting these pre-publication articles to Pub Med.Pub Med citations for these advance articles include the notation “[Epub ahead of print].” Full-text availability of this type of article varies depending on the publisher and the HSLS provider, and is not always specified in our licensing agreements.Pubmed is an interface used to search Medline, as well as additional biomedical content.

Ovid Medline is an interface for searching only Medline content.

On Campus Access: Electronic resources are accessible on-campus.