Quicken online quotes not updating

11-Aug-2020 07:44

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An error message occurs, but the download still proceeds since it is the bank, not Quicken, that is doing the work.

btw I did submit my name for Intuit's QA testing on Quicken as per another thread but they weren't in testing mode so no freebie for me.

Intuit products like many others are designed to limit the number of installations from a CD, so even if they offer to sell you the original CD, it may already have been activated and you'll be SOL. seems like another great product from the Dilbert Corporation. As for the other comments, Quicken has become a large, baroque product.

It may be my own supid-idity, but the Quicken Suite I just got for . We'll see if the Quick Tax functions work, but everything else is pretty dismal so far. My own Excel sheets are better tools Cannot include USDollar investments in the same account as Cdn securities-- why not?? It was never easy to learn or easy to use, despite Intuit's hype to the contrary.

For whatever reason, I now get an error message as it tries to update the currency list that says something to the effect 'an error has occured, please close window and re-start Quicken'. Maybe 2006 is the year to update, but I just think Quicken has screwed its customers over the years and I hate to give them the dough. I'm dreading the day I get a notice from TD that they're dropping support for Q02, even though I've already got a copy of Q06 for a price any Scotsman would be proud of Seems I recalled incorrectly.

Believe it reaches out and grabs the currencies from the web, but cannot not add them to the database. Customer service has never been their strong point! Worse you won't find much functional difference between Q02 and Q06. However, Intuit announced last year that they'd stop supporting Q02 and earlier releases in the US as of 31Dec05 (IIRC.) Apparently they added a new file format and download protocol in Q03 . According to Retirement of Online Services for older versions of Quicken support for Q02 ended in Apr05 in the US and support for Q03 ends in Apr06 this year.I don't see why not as long as you have the correct fund codes.