Radiohalo dating

22-Jan-2020 10:37

Since that time little work has been done to locate other radiohalo-bearing diamonds, to explain the origin of the radiohalos, or evaluate their significance.

We conducted a search for such diamonds secured from a variety of sources and identified radiohalos containing one, three and four rings, as well as strange features in the form of twisted crystalline “tubes.” New data suggest a radiohalo annealing temperature in diamond above 620ºC.

In each case there is unequivocal evidence that the granitic rocks formed by the melting during metamorphism (changes in rocks induced by heat and pressure) of fossiliferous Flood-deposited sedimentary layers, and that the resultant granitic magmas (melted rocks) then intruded into other Flood-deposited layers.

Such Flood-related granitic rocks investigated thus far include the Stone Mountain granite near Atlanta (Georgia), the La Posta zoned granodiorite and related granites in the Peninsular Ranges of southern California east of San Diego, and the Cooma granodiorite and four other granitic bodies in southeastern Australia.

The biotite grains in all these granitic rocks have large numbers of Po radiohalos.

Dark, fully-formed Th radiohalos are also common in the Cooma granodiorite.

The Po isotopes were then continuously concentrated in appropriate radiocenters by attractive ions in lattice defects within the biotite flakes, and the Po radiohalos then formed. Because the half-lives of these Po isotopes are very short, the hydrothermal fluid transport had to be extremely rapid.

However, the Po radiohalos are also still highly significant, due to their exceedingly short half-lives.

Because these granitic rocks containing them are neither created nor primordial, the Po that parented these Po radiohalos cannot have been primordial.

323–334 (2008) and is reproduced here with the permission of the Creation Science Fellowship of Pittsburgh and the Institute for Creation Research, Dallas.

Diamonds are probably the most intensely sought after of all the mineral gems known to man.

so now there are some preliminary results to report that are both significant and exciting.

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