Regret not dating in high school

12-Apr-2020 20:48

It really makes me wonder if we are just inclined to regret our experiences because the things we haven't experienced always seem better from the outside. I didn't try to make friends because I just assumed that everyone hated me because I got picked on in middle school. always wore black, had long emo hair, black jeans, the works. I'm currently wearing yellow pants, neon green shirt, and my blue chucks! Around that time, I was taking a University-level Physics course.

Now that I'm an adult, I realize that people like and respect you as long as you aren't a freeloader and you treat other people well. Before that tournament, we were having a substitute teacher for that course because the original one broke her ankle the semester before.

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I shouldn’t have been so worried about a guy because I wanted him to notice me.

That also helped me a lot in terms of my college life as well.

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