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05-Jun-2020 22:57

We sat at a picnic table in the back of the plaza to talk.

This was in a well-lighted area, and as we sat there, some Coast Guard palagis we knew happened by in their uniforms and chatted with us, which gave us additional relief.

The longer myth deals with the families who were given the tools, which relates to the guilds that are allowed to teach and apply hand tapping now.

Ausage also believes the story originally referred to Fiti, not Fiji, which is short for the village of Fitiuta, but that it has been distorted and confused with time.

We finally voiced our mutual discomfort at sitting in an isolated parking lot behind a building in the dark in Pago and moved the car to a spot in front on the main road. We called Chilo to check on his progress, and he told us he was on the way, almost there.

Half an hour later, we called him again, and he was just leaving work…I finally gave him 15 minutes before I was going to leave.

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He wasn’t Tongan at all, as I mentioned, but from Western Samoa.When 15 minutes was up, Michaela told me I should call him to tell we were leaving, but I just wanted to bail. I didn’t want him coming to get in the car or to come to the car window, so I got out to find him.

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