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While Jennifer Shepard (as Lauren Holly), Tom Morrow (Alan Dale) and Leon Vance (Rocky Carroll) command the team.

NCIS since it began airing has introduced lots of recurring characters with many guest appearances.

NCIS television series is, however, filmed far away from Virginia and precisely in Los Angeles.

CBS’ choice of California’s divergent landscape is aimed to bring home as much as possible, what is obtainable geographically in northern Virginia and Washington, D. Despite this, however, some scenes are filmed on locations outside of California when absolutely necessary.

While on Air Force One, a Navy commander, Ray Trapp (Gerald Downey) who was tasked with carrying the "football" dies under mysterious circumstances, forcing an emergency landing in Wichita, Kansas.

But while his death is originally thought to be a tragic accident, NCIS eventually uncovers evidence suggesting the commander was in fact murdered and that it might be connected to a possible assassination attempt on the President.

A Marine (Brian Patrick Wade) dies during a night-time training jump.

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NCIS has over the years won awards like the People’s Choice Awards, ALMA Awards, Emmy Awards, BMI Film & TV Awards, ASCAP Awards and possibly with more to come.

Aside from the intrigues and intense action the series is characterized with, many fans of the action police procedural television series are oblivious of many background information about the series.