Screenupdating com add ins excel

03-Jun-2020 13:48

This document explains how to add the Microsoft Excel Data Transfer add-in if the add-in is not available.This document only covers the Excel Data Transfer upload up to and including V5R4 i Series Access for Windows.If Microsoft Excel was installed on your PC before Client Access or i Series Access, the Client Access or i Series Access setup program will automatically install the Microsoft Excel add-in when you choose to install Data Transfer Excel Add-In support.This support is installed during a typical and full installation; however, it might not have been installed in a custom or 5250 installation.By setting Screen Updating to False at the Start of the macro, you will not only stop the constant screen flickering associated with recorded macro, but also greatly speed up the execution of the macro.The reason it speeds up code is because Excel no longer needs to repaint the screen whenever it encounters such commands as Select, Activate, Large Scroll, Small Scroll and many others. Screen Updating=False should be placed at the Start of your macro like shown below Note how we have set the Screen Updating back to True on completion.

This is the check box to use for adding and removing the add-in.

If using V6R1/V7R1 System i Access, refer to technote, COM-Based Microsoft Excel Data Transfer Add-In for V6R1 and Beyond .