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Eskom has 11 coal power stations on the Mpumalanga Highveld.When they are working at full capacity, according to Eskom, they produce about 195-million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) a year, 1.3-million tonnes of sulphur dioxide (SO2), 815,000 tonnes of nitrogen oxides (NOx) and 86,000 tonnes of particulates (PM10).They’ll do what it takes to look cool at a vampire rave, try to survive a life long game of assassin, and communicate…Listen Go out into the woods and have some alone time with today’s improv4humans!Tune in as half of the legendary team, The Swarm, discuss getting waffle boxed, the kind of friend you want on your death bed, and a…Listen Join Billy Merritt, Andy Secunda, and Betsy Sodaro as they dive into a war between foodies on today’s improv4humans!This week we are joined by members of the legendary improv group the Swarm; Sean Conroy, Andy Secunda, and Billy Merritt! Listen It's time for your mid-week improv bathroom break!

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Mine blasting blows huge clouds of dust into the air, often accompanied by a hailstorm of shattered rock, while the succession of coal trucks kick up dust from coal-black roads.

“They are killing us but they don’t even give us jobs.”People remember when Sasol was built on farm land in the late 1970s. Secunda, the white town, was laid out as a garden city upstream and upwind of the plant.

It even has a small wildlife park to show, as Sasol puts it, that “nature and technology should coexist”.

It does not give a breakdown for each plant or even list them.

The emissions come from the furnaces, kilns and ovens and also the dust blown off slag heaps and waste dumps and the particulates are laced with toxic metals.Emissions from spontaneous combustion – the fires that constantly break out on mines, discard dumps and stockpiles – go uncounted.

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