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13-Nov-2020 02:19

“But they also fear they don’t have the support of the administration.Or there’s no policy in place that allows them to talk about this information, so they feel hesitant.” Answer and GLSEN, as well as several other organizations, published “A Call To Action: LGBTQ Youth Need Inclusive Sex Education,” in late 2015.

“They don’t want people talking about certain types of sex with their students or their children even though you know you’re allowing them to talk about other types of sex with their children.” Anzures, however, supports the elimination of that line about “heterosexual monogamous marriage” because he said he thinks the state can’t make any policy progress while it remains in the law.In their 2017 survey, GLSEN also notes that prohibiting inclusive sex ed may contribute to an unhealthy school climate for LGBTQ youth.Rice said affirming sex ed that includes discussion of same-sex relationships can also support the emotional development and health of LGBTQ students.Steans cited resistance from conservative religious groups that seek to limit legislative measures that mandate acknowledgment and inclusion of LGBTQ individuals.

Rodrigo Anzures, who serves as policy and advocacy manager for the Illinois Safe Schools Alliance, agreed with Stean’s assessment.Lily Furgeson had a great experience in sex ed in middle school.