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at Rago Arts and Auction Center in Lambertville, N. The opening lot, Young Faun With Heron by Frederick William Mac Monnies, is expected to sell for ,000 to ,000.

Paul Howard Manship's Young Minerva is expected to sell for ,000 to ,000, and Isabel, done in 1917 by Gaston Lachaise, has a presale estimate of ,000 to ,000.

"A lot of the bronzes are French," Ted Wiederseim said this week, noting that the sale in general has a focus on France, as well as on borzois.

But no matter the countless baby books I read, I was wildly unprepared for this new role.I would have no milk left to feed her…so I’d have to give her the bottle I just wasted 20 minutes pumping, and then have nothing to show for all that “free time” I just had.