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20-Aug-2020 05:06

For, what else is the purpose of a than to enable people with the express intent to commit to meet one another?

A recently formed community called Amour is trying to do the same for the LGBT community.

She went to the same B-school as I, and now works in Bangalore. I am so busy with my work and am so happy being single…" I smiled.

She is smart, independent, and doing very well in her career. All of us are generally happy, of course, but the thing about companionship is that its absence can sting an otherwise perfectly pleasant existence. It’s funny but it’s like someone turns on a switch when you cross that age and you don’t know how to turn it off.

We are both 30-plus, and when we meet, we end up discussing where we are headed relationship-wise. My friend read my mind and added: "You know, it’s the hookup culture brought about by the likes of Tinder.

Marriage is cool, but I don't want it to be the next obvious thing.She is chary of dipping into a world with which I am deeply intimate.