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29-Nov-2019 14:50

On the whole, American men like to project sexual confidence, but an analysis of Internet searches tells another story entirely — that they are gravely concerned about the size of their penises.“Men Google more questions about their sexual organ than any other body part: more than about their lungs, liver, feet, ears, nose, throat and brain combined,” writes Seth Stephens-Davidowitz in his new book, “Everybody Lies: Big Data, New Data, and What the Internet Can Tell Us About Who We Re- ally Are” (Dey St.).“In 2014, there were more searches asking how to make your butt bigger than smaller in every state,” Stephens-Davidowitz writes.“These days, for every five searches looking into breast implants in the United States, there is one looking into butt implants.” One finding that “will disturb many readers,” according to Stephens-Davidowitz, concerns the sort of porn women want, based on search terms typed into Porn Hub.Google searches for ‘sexless relationship’ are second only to searches for ‘abusive relationship.’” These searches also show that men may be the ones holding back, as “there are twice as many complaints that a boyfriend won’t have sex than that a girlfriend won’t have sex.” Connected or not are the findings that women often question their partner’s sexual orientation; “Is my husband gay? ’ than the second-place word, ‘cheating.’ It is eight times more common than ‘an alcoholic’ and 10 times more common than ‘depressed.’” Google searches not only help us see another side of relationships but also help cut through the lies we tell on social media, as they starkly undermine the rosy pictures we paint on Facebook.” is a “surprisingly common search.” “‘Gay’ is 10 percent more likely to complete searches that begin with ‘Is my husband . Stephens-Davidowitz notes that the top five terms women use to describe their husbands on social media are “the best,” “my best friend,” “amazing,” “the greatest” and “so cute.” When they search anonymously, however, typing “my husband is . .” into a search box, the top five results are “gay,” “a jerk,” “amazing,” “annoying” and “mean.” And if searches reveal the depressing reality of how people feel about their mates, their attitudes toward their children are no better.

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Stephens-Davidowitz writes that Google searches help provide the answer — and it’s not pretty. also include the word ‘jokes.’” The word was also commonly paired with the phrases “stupid . You don’t get this sort of thing much west of the Mississippi.” As for party affiliation, “racist searches were no higher in places with a high percentage of Republicans than in places with a high percentage of Democrats.” This data was borne out by voting patterns.

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