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24-May-2020 03:54

Planned Parenthood’s sex ed chat bot is groundbreaking.The AI answers people’s sex questions safely and anonymously for those who feel too awkward about asking their parents, aren’t getting the support they need at home.So why do I want to share about the safer sex talk?Well, basically because I think it’s not happening enough in our culture, I’d like it to be the norm. By Safer Sex, I am not just meaning the fumbling in the dark for a condom, with a 3 word check in regarding contraception and STI protection. These are the basics, but how about asking this question too before hand? If we end up connecting sexually , what does it mean for you?Whether you are penetrating or being penetrated, there is an energetic merging, a meeting and an exchange, this is heightened with fluid bonding. And this brings me to my key point and also a question I’d like to raise in this platform. So, the obvious questions we want to ask before we engage sexually with someone are: If our connection was to turn sexual……. I’d love to lift the taboo around these questions and heal some of the shame around emotional connection and neediness. They just need to be in the light i.e.;in awareness. It’s kinda good to get clear on these intentions prior, it could save a lot of heart ache and confusion.It’s a really good thing to work out what happens to you after sex? Maybe you’ll find out you have different desires for this interaction or connection. It also helps you to really think about why you are engaging with someone and to become more conscious of your own motives, desires, and maybe even fears. S (risk assessment and method statement) and it can be as quick a this one question …It has an organic influencer engagement rate of 6.5 percent and garnered an impressive 5.7K clicks to the Roo chatbot.

But now I’m trying to view it with a sense of humour, some of the Divinely orchestrated moments over the whole experience of how the fucking UNIVERSE what ever that is kept bringing us together, and the sequence of events. I didn’t just make the mistake once I made it twice with the SAME person.

What I am referring to is a deeper chat, a chat that encompasses many things. Are we then connected by some telepathic agreement, that requires you to geologically change your life to come live with me?

When we interact sexually with someone it is not just an exchange of body fluids that can happen. You are suddenly inside of someone, inside their life, possibly impacting them in areas of their life that have the deepest wounds, vulnerabilities and desires. Yes how about we talk about the care thats needed afterwards? Are you looking for a 1 night stand, or an experience of a few days at this festival? Do you have any idea what you are interested in with me?

Together, with Emmy-nominated Portlandia director, Alice Mathias, R/GA created Roo High School and sent You Tube stars Eva Gutowski, the Bell Twins and James Butler, plus barrier-breaking model La Shaunae Steward and transgender activist Aaron Philip, back to Prom.

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R/GA tapped its creative team and in-house influencer studio to source a diverse group of influencers between the ages of 18 to 24.

But the bot, which was launched at the start of this year, needed an attention boost. The innovation shop was tasked with authentically spreading the good word of Roo.

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