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16-Dec-2019 12:05

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Of the four traditional areas, I take exception of persons with mental disabilities (intellectual disabilities) who remain in school for many years without acquiring independent living skills.

Some educational and rehabilitation centres have mature adults aged 30 years and above who cannot support themselves in the community because they never trained in any useful transitional skills.

If we use WHO statistics of 10-15% people with disabilities, Kenya could have between 4 to 6 million Pw Ds, whether children, youth and adults.

Yet, less than half a million has been identified and is catered for.

For how long will Pw Ds be viewed “unable” and “charitable?

” These questions can only be answered if we underscore what is exactly “Independent Living” for the Pw Ds.

If your child is unable to read, task analyses can be made using just picture cards or actual photographs to illustrate the steps of a skill.

Pw Ds demand the same choices and control in their every-day lives that people without disabilities take for granted.

Pw Ds want to grow up with their families, go to the neighborhood school, use the same bus as their neighbours, and work in jobs that are in line with their education and interests, and start families of their own”According to the World Health Organization (WHO, 2011), there are 7 billion people in the world among them 15% of people with disabilities, which is equivalent to about 1 billion people.

Some parents/guardians of such children live with a mixture of hope and fear of what will become of their children.

Others give up hope on their children and wait for fate.To take data, you would note if the child completed each step correctly (independently) or incorrectly (needed help). What You Need to Know About Task Analysis and Why You Should Use It.

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