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03-Nov-2020 09:14

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He and Jasmine were once again safe for the week and did not land in the bottom.

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Aaron and Jasmine Harper teamed up again to perform a very dreaded and difficult quickstep choreographed by Tony and Melanie La Patin inspired by the roaring 1920's.

He was announced to be safe this week and did not land in the bottom 6.

Turner was to perform a lyrical hip hop duet with Jasmine, choreographed by Nappy Tabs, and to the song, "Tears Always Win," by Alicia Keys.

The piece is praised by the judges, saying that their chemistry was spot on and went on forever.

This week Aaron performed a jazz group routine choreographed by Sonya Tayeh and Christopher Scott.

The judges enjoy the duet and compliment them humorously on their charm and attitude in the piece.