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26-Aug-2020 12:42

steam validating 100 bug-58

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It downloaded the TF2 updates last night and now the validation on the file is stuck at 100%, even after exiting Steam and even after rebooting the computer.So basically software I have bought and installed is trapped on my computer.

steam validating 100 bug-24

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I have deleted client registry, and appupdate and still nothing.

There's no actual problem with it, no actual bug, but the software that wants to police that software has utterly freaked the hell out and I can't access it. I was hoping to check out the new features, now I'll have download software I already had and hope Steam decides not to be an idiot anymore.

Quick forum searches indicate the only real solution is uninstall the local content and reinstall. Update - Valve has made it clear to me that they are in no way responsible for actually delivering software via Steam.

Downloads: once there, click to the CLEAR DOWNLOAD CACHE button.

This should do the trick: in case it doesn’t, keep reading.

Alternative Fix (Credit to Fred) Make a new folder where you want your games to be on your hardrive (example: steamgames) Go to steam settings Steam library folders. Move all your previously installed games from your previous steam library folder (steam/steamapps/common) to the new directory where you installed the small game.